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Mission - to provide the finest in model monorail parts and services, and to share information on monorail modeling.



Over 15 years of monorail modeling experience.

Background in electrical engineering, electric motors, and batteries.

Experienced in adding items like radio control, lights, and sound.






WhisperJet Chassis and Drive System Modeled in ProEngineer and 3D printed by Shapeways








Machining & Fabricating

Well equipped machine shop for model making with lathe, mill, and other machine tools including custom made tools for making monorail parts.

We can produce the close tolerance parts required for smooth running scale models.

.lathe mill

Micro-Mark makes these and many other modeling tools.

Our first product was a radio control conversion of Disney's HO scale monorail model. Our most difficult project is a fully operational N scale monorail, based on Disney's spring powered pull toy. Only the plastic shell is used, all other parts are custom made, making this a very involved project. Our most recent project is WhisperJet, a completely new drivetrain to make the Disney monorail faster, smoother, and quieter.

Our mission is to provide the finest scale model monorail conversions, and to share the information we gain from our projects. To this end, most of our web site is based on information on how to convert your own monorail.

And when the going gets tough we are here to help, with the products, services, and technical advice you need!

or Contact Us! bobquincy "at" mindspring "dot" com


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