What were they thinking - no headlights ?  The 50th Anniversary monorail has some interesting new features but the deletion of headlights is the biggest fail.  Fortunately they can be added but it isn't easy.


Mine are nothing fancy, they are on whenever the power switch is on.

* it is not necessary to uncouple the cab from the rest of the train but it sure makes the job easier.

parts: two 0603 white LEDs with wires

            150 ohm 1/4 watt or (smaller) resistor

            a few inches of wire, 26 to 30 awg

            a connector if you want to get fancy and/or make life easier

tools: soldering iron, pin vise, drills (1.5 mm, 2.5 mm)

Level of Difficulty - high

1 - remove the screw from the underside of the coupler between the cab and the first car

2 - remove four screws from the bottom of the first car

    2a - remove the top shell of the car and the gray plastic diaphragm

3 - disengage the coupler by pressing in and down on the two semicircular clips

    3a - press the clips down/cab down/car up to disengage the coupler

4 - remove five screws from the lower shell of the cab

5 - gently separate the upper and lower shells

        it is best to have some sort of stand to hold the monorail so it does not separate too far

        the wires are probably fragile and break easily if bent too much

6 - remove the screws holding the circuit board in front (upper shell)

7 - solder 40 mm long wires to the two points on the circuit board shown in the photo


8 - moved to 10

9 - drill holes for the headlights


        I drilled 2.5 mm holes (centered on the white circles) and installed 0603 white LEDs with 150 ohm resistors.

        the holes were drilled in stages: 1.5 mm; 2 mm; 2.5 mm

        3 mm LEDs (a standard size) may not fit as the holes would be into the bottom of the shell

10 - assemble two LEDs to fit into the headlight holes - be mindful of the polarity - secure with silicone adhesive

solder a 150 ohm resistor into one of the wires (doesn't matter which one)

        cover the solder joints with heat shrink tubing


11 - solder the + wire to the + of the LEDs, - wire to the -, resistor in one of the leads



I use connector for ease of assembly. One source is: https://www.micronwings.com/Products/SectionConnectors/index.shtml

12 - put it all back together   :(