Updated July 2015

Here is the parts list for the Disney monorail (and some for the Fujimi model):

motor                Gizmoszone GH6122S        $11    Gizmoszone (this Hong Kong supplier is the only one I know of)

gears                Tyco 440 X2 (7:25)        $2    WizzardHO or BSRT
    ***other gear ratios are available, this is a good start

receiver             I now prefer DelTang's Rx43d-2-v5 or Rx41 (smaller yet but may be difficult to work with).

I also recommend DelTang's transmitter Tx-21 (kit or assembled) or use an available DMS2 compatible one (like eFlite).

I have used Plantraco Micro9        $57    Plantraco
(and transmitter)    Plantraco 900    MHz        $62 Plantraco
***changes for Fujimi
Plantraco changed their 3 channel to four and made it larger, it does not fit the Fujimi monorail very well.

battery             LiPo 145 mAH            $15
(and charger)        E-tec Apache 2020        $25
***changes for Fujimi
E-Flite 70 mAH

rear drive        HO Slot Car 0.450"        $10/2 WizzardHO or BSRT
hub            HO Slot Car
front            same or 10mm robot        $2 solarbotics

axles                1.5mm x 17mm            $1    Gizmoszone or NWSL 2015-4 (6" piece) or 1.5 mm drill blank
some of the shafts are slightly (0.025 mm) too large to fit the ball bearings, sand to size

bushings          1.5mm x 4 mm            $2/2    NorthWest Short Line 357-6 (I now prefer ball bearings)
ball bearings
1.5mm ID/4mm OD - flanged is $3 at Proto87 (need 1 for left side), unflanged is $1 at AvidRC
I no longer use bearings for the front axle, the load is not high enough to need them
spacers           1.5mm x 0.010"            $1    NWSL

connectors & wire
motor/rcvr        nano                $1    BSDmicroRC
battery        JST or PZ            $4    BSDmicroRC
rcvr            JST or PZ            $4    BSDmicroRC
shrink tubing        BSD                $1    BSDmicroRC

beam roller parts
2mm nylon screws     2mm x 10mm            $1    McMaster or smallparts
brass tubing        2mm or 3/32 ID        $2    Tower Hobbies
styrene tubing        5/32" or 4mm od        $1    Tower Hobbies
***changes for Fujimi
2mm x 12mm screws
special milled brass tubing 2mm ID/3mm OD   available from me or make your own
NWSL spacers/shims 2mm ID/3mm OD
2mm ID/5mm OD ball bearings (8 per chassis)   $1 each at AvidRC

I now use 3D printed dogbone" couplers instead of magnets.

helpful tools
gear press        NWSL                $20 ?    much easier to press gear on axle straight
0.0580" reamer                 $12    McMaster    to reduce the press fit on gears & wheels


Add it up and we can see why very few modelers have kept going after this, the little monorail is expensive. We still have not gotten to the chassis or plastic shell yet.

Chassis are available for $50 each for a cab unit and $40 for car units. These are 3D printed with a fair amount of final machining done here.

The plastic shell is available for about $5 at Disney's theme park stores but requires hours of work to hollow it out to fit the chassis. I don't like doing them so for now I wil charge about the same as for the chassis. A 3D printed shell looks to be about $30 each so I doubt I will continue to pursue that path.

As with all my monorails if you are willing to try it yourself I am happy to provide plenty of email support.


Update: February 2010


N Scale: Radio Control

The main part of the N monorail is the only major part that can't be purchased commercially, the chassis. I machine this from a block of ABS.

The motor is a 6mm gearhead motor from Gizmoszone, their GH6122s (about $18). The axles can also be provided by Gizmoszone, 1.5 mm x 20 mm.

The external gears and rear wheel are from a Tyco 440-X2 HO slot car.

The radio receiver is a Plantraco Micro-9, the battery a generic 150 mAH Lithium polymer.

I will post a full parts list soon.

N Scale Monorail

Yes, those are 1/2" squares! The tape on the motor is because it is 6 mm diameter and I only have a 1/4" ballend mill so the slot is 0.35 mm too wide, or about the thickness of a piece of tape.

N Scale Monorail

Sitting on the 5mm wide beam.

N Scale Chassis

It all fits easily inside the shell and runs great!