Disney's models can be modified to represent a number of prototypes, including Seattle; Las Vegas; Palm Jumeirah; and some Japanese monorails. Since no models of these monorails are available the existing model will have to be kit-bashed (a model railroad term for combining parts from a number of model kits). The provided beamway is not prototypical for any existing monorail and a fix for that is discussed in another article on this web site (link).
Since Disney's model is close to HO scale most HO accessories are suitable. This includes structures; people; vehicles; scenery; etc. The world of HO model railroading provides accessories to model just about any environment imagineable.

The photos below show some of the various prototype monorails worldwide.

Monorail Photos
Kuala Lumpur Monorail Las Vegas Monorail
Kuala Lumpur

Las Vegas

Moscow Monorial Tampa Airport Monorail
Moscow Tampa Airport
Tokyo Monorail Walt Disney World Monorail
Tokyo Walt Disney World



All photos courtesy of The Monorail Society. (2008). Retrieved March 13, 2008, from The Monorail Society Web site: