RC Conversion

A few monorail enthusiasts have asked me about providing instructions and a parts list so they can modifiy their monorails for radio control. I am glad to help with conversions but I just don't have the patience to write a full set of instructions (which would also have to include pictures to be worth much). The other point is that I have not modified two the same yet, each one is a custom job.

What I can do (and have done) is provide a basic list of parts when someone is interested. As far as I know no one has made a RC monorail or at least they have not written back to let me know. Anyway, here is what I use (as of October 2015):

Radio receiver - Deltang Rx61

Radio transmitter - Deltang Tx21

Step-up voltage converter - Pololu #751 (set for 3.7 V)

Electronic switch - Pololu #791 (now 2810)

After that it is just connecting the wires. Lots of wires.