Headlights and beacon for the rear cab

The headlights are actually set up as warning strobes, just as on the real monorail.

The rear cab gets batteries (2xAAA) and a voltage converter to provide the 3.3 V required to light white LEDs. The roof beacons is yellow, as are most I have seen at WDW. The flash pattern is controlled by a PIC 12F1572, my "go to" microcontroller. Two quick flashes of the strobes followed by a longer blink of the beacon, repeat.

And since there is so much room in the rear cab, and since we now have power to run some electronics, we may as well add a decent audio system! By decent I mean one with good sound *and* the "por favor..." message!

Adafruit's audio FX and 2W amplifier produce the sounds, up to 10 messages and up to 2 minutes of high quality audio. 16 minutes is an option. A larger and improved speaker delivers the sound. Messages start about 10 seconds after the previous one ends, either sequential or random.

The Disneyland Mark VII version in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0kRHZ4qhjg