Updated June 2016

Sound. GOOD sound.

After "more speed" the most frequent request is for better sound (and more sound clips). I agree, the sound is not good and the same old phrases get tired after a few years. And where is the famous "por favor..."?

The first step is a better speaker, SoundTraxx sells some for model trains that are pretty good considering how small they have to be. One of their better speakers (810130) fits in the original monorail housing with only a small bit of filing/griding. The improvement is obvious and well worthwhile.

*** I have tested this speaker with two versions of the original sound board and it worked with both of them. There are numerous versions and it may not work with all of them or it may damage some. The SoundTraxx speaker is 8 ohms while the Disney ones are 16 or 32 ohms depending on the version.

The next step (a big one) is to replace the original sound board with one that can produce a higher sound output level *and* more audio clips. Adafruit sells a sound board that fits in the monorail, plays up to 10 sound clips totalling about 4 minutes of high quality audio! In addition the sound clips can be played in sequential order or random.

The new board can also play individually addressable sound clips, this requires certain Deltang transmitters and receivers that can select items. Our standard Rx61 receiver has 8 outputs, with two of them used for lights we can select up to 6 sound clips. Select the sound clip, press a button, and it plays, "Next stop is Disney's Polynesian resort...". Now we have sound that is respectable and at the same level as the rest of the monorail! An even larger and better sounding speaker could go in one of the cars or the rear unpowered cab!

Cost? Who cares, this is for our monorails! Ok, check the "prices" page for the version that plays sequential or random audio clips, including installation in your monorail. I am still working on pricing for the version with individually addressable sounds, expect the cost to be higher than the base version, this is a big addition in complexity.