Services: Lighting

Why do our monorails have green headlights instead of white? Because 2xAA batteries do not produce enough voltage to power white LEDs. I don't like green headlights so I install a voltage converter to boost the voltage enough to power white LEDs.

The rear cab of the real monorail also has lights and they flash in a pattern (although not all of them seem to be the same?). I like the flash pattern of four quick flashes of the roof beacon; four quick flashes of the rear strobes; pause; repeat; requires a programmed microcontroller that runs from 3.7 V. Power to the rear cab can come from the front cab although this requires running wires through all the cars.

I prefer the option of adding batteries to the rear cab and am looking for a good method to do this.

The Disneyland monorail roof strobe may have a special mode where it quickly but smoothly increases and decreases brightness instead of just flashing on and off so this is also available (including the programmed microcontroller).

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