I use the best parts I can find and install them with care. I have been modifying model monorails since the first (red) came out around year 2000..

***Parts and 3D printing prices have been going up, worse yet some parts have been discontinued. I have machine tools so I can make parts but it takes *a lot* more time so I have raised my prices.

As of mid-2020 I am concentrating on the following services:

HO Scale (Disney's WDW, Disneyland Mark V, and Mark VII)

WhisperJet for Walt Disney World

and Disneyland Mark V models:

$300 uninstalled with motor - includes chassis, pulleys, drive wheel, belts (and spares) - assembled and tested - ***requires modification to upper and lower shells for installation***

- WhisperJet - $340 installed - includes lower shell modification, chassis with all rotating parts, new motor - tested

WhisperJet for Disneyland Mark VII:

slightly different from the WDW version but enough that it required an entirely new design chassis

The Mark VII remote control limits power to the motor and may shut down (temporarily) if the motor takes too much power. To provide enough power for the new motor I add an auxiliary power circuit on Mark VII WhisperJets.

- $300 uninstalled with motor BUT the original electronics will not properly power the WJ motor. For DIY electronics please see my article: DL Motor Upgrade

- WhisperJet for Disneyland Mark VII - $360 installed - includes the auxiliary motor driver (wired and installed) that can support the WJ motor, The original remote functions as normal.

***Installing WhisperJet into a Mark VII is not easy, the power switch mounts and actuator must be modified along with the other standard WJ modifications. Some material may have to be removed from the side of the battery box to clear a pulley.

Here is one reason the Mark VII is so much more work: the auxiliary motor controller:


Lighting - white LED headlights - it is easy to do it yourself, see how here:



Scale Beam is here!- rectangular beam like the real one, 8 mm wide x 16 mm high - ***requires WhisperJet drivetrain for the monorail***.

Beam sections are 7-8 feet long, no more noise going over all those joints!


Conversion for 8mm beam after WhisperJet conversion: Powered cab - $100; rear cab - $100; cars (3) - $150; 20' of beam @ $5.00/ft - $100; beam connectors (4) - $40
total $450 (without pylons) plus shipping.  This makes a simple oval layout with two 22" radius 180 degree curves and two 4' long straights (to fit on a 4'x8' platform or equivalent length). Pylon adapters are available to use the Disney pylons.

Requires WhisperJet @ $340 for WDW or $360 for Mark VII

Shipping requires a 44" x 44" x 3" box and can be > $50


N Scale: (actually closer to 1/120) - as of November 2021 no one has motors. Disney does not have the plastic models. Someone must not want me to build these. ;)


Four car radio control train with WDW Mark IV shells - $ TBD when I find motors and body shells ($1100+)

- includes: Powered cab with headlight and flashing beacon; two cars; unpowered cab with warning lights

- rechargeable batteries for powered and unpowered cabs; battery charger

- radio transmitter (joystick style, rotary control style is an option)

Beam - a 30" x 72" oval (not a true oval, 2" straight section between the 14" radius curves)

- can be a true oval with 15" radius curves if preferred

- other layout designs are available, 13" radius is the minimum, send me your layout plans and we will discuss them.

- prices include shipping

Control Systems

Radio Control - base installation (including a joystick transmitter) as long as your monorail is in good running condition. Includes white LED headlights and red (or yellow or green) flashing roof light. - $405 for WDW, $430 for Mark VII

- optional rotary control transmitter with inertia control and four function buttons - + $100

Not building autonomous for now - it takes too long to install all the electronics

Autonomous - a lower cost alternative to radio control - an onboard microcontroller detects magnets underneath the beam which instruct the monorail to: accelerate; decelerate; stop; wait; lights on/off; reverse direction; play a message...Fully automatic operation ! Includes white LED headlights and red (or yellow or green) flashing roof light.



Speed - faster motor - I do not recommend this as it increases the noise and rough running along with the speed.

Most monorails have other issues as well: out-of-round drive wheel; cracked/slipping drive hub; worn gears


Enhanced Sound - see below for rear cab installation -


Future Services in testing:

Rear cab lighting and audio - installing upgraded audio in the front cab is difficult for WDW models and impossible for Mark VII models. My direction now is to install audio in the rear cab

Audio board and speaker plus flashing roof light and rear warning lights powered by batteries in the rear cab


Radio control rear cab audio - a custom transmitter gives pushbutton control of 8 individual audio clips. The xmtr also can control speed/direction of the front cab.

Automagic Mark VII car - mimics the original remote and can control the Mark VII train by sensing magnets placed underneath the beam. Allows full use of the original remote for manual operation.

Automagic Mark VII rear cab plays audio messages at selected points by sensing magnets placed underneath the beam.